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The Language Room is a worldwide supplier of translation and interpretation services. We are an ISO 9001:2008 accredited professional translation and interpretation agency working with leading companies and global businesses. We have earned the trust of our clients thanks to our professionalism, reliability and commitment to the highest standards.
Our team of experienced project managers and qualified translators guarantee you an excellent translation and interpretation service at competitive prices in over 50 languages. Translators are carefully selected for each project depending on the language pair and field in question (legal, medical, marketing, oil and gas, tourism, scientific, technical, literature, financial).

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An experienced management team forms the backbone of our company and supports you throughout each project. All our translators are familiar with the industry they are working in and have extensive understanding of the niche terminology involved in specialised fields.

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Alphabets, smartphones and Operating Systems: translating minority languages

Date: 10-08-2016 by Shona Lawson
translating minority languages

At The Language Room we are constantly amazed by the fantastic diversity of languages around the world. It’s a constant learning process as we work on translating minority languages. One recent example of this has been our work in the translation of educational texts into Konkani.

Konkani is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Indian states of Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra. It is the official language in Goa, and one of the official languages of India.[1] According to a census, conducted in 2001 there were 2,420,000 speakers of Konkani in India.[2] “Konkani was originally written with the Brahmi alphabet, and is currently written with a number of other alphabets. In Goa Devanagari is the official script for Konkani, but the Latin alphabet is also popular. In the state of Karnataka, it is written with the Kannada alphabet, in Kerala it is written with the Malayalam alphabet, and Konkani Muslims in Maharashtra use the Arabic alphabet.”[3] We spend a lot of time working together with our client to ensure that we used the right script for their purposes.

In 2014 The Economist published an interesting article about the way in which Mozilla, the company behind the web browser Firefox, is dealing with the specific challenges of translating minority languages for their operating system on their smartphones which are for sale all around the world. There are dozens of languages into which volunteer “localisers” are translating the OS.[4] Continue Reading


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