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The Language Room is a worldwide supplier of translation and interpretation services. We are an ISO 9001:2008 accredited professional translation and interpretation agency working with leading companies and global businesses. We have earned the trust of our clients thanks to our professionalism, reliability and commitment to the highest standards.
Our team of experienced project managers and qualified translators guarantee you an excellent translation and interpretation service at competitive prices in over 50 languages. Translators are carefully selected for each project depending on the language pair and field in question (legal, medical, marketing, oil and gas, tourism, scientific, technical, literature, financial).

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An experienced management team forms the backbone of our company and supports you throughout each project. All our translators are familiar with the industry they are working in and have extensive understanding of the niche terminology involved in specialised fields.

Your dedicated account manager works with you to guarantee prompt delivery and ensure that all your translation requirements are addressed.

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The Language of Pop: How Gangnam Style challenged the Status Quo

Date: 20-07-2016 by Shona Lawson
Language of Pop

In July 2012 the South Korean artist PSY released a song called Gangnam Style 강남스타일. With its catchy melody and memorable dance moves, by the end of the year Gangnam Style had topped the charts in over 30 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. And on 21st December the music video for Gangnam Style became the first video to reach one billion views on Youtube.[1] ( The song was a global sensation!

There are many aspects of this song’s rise to international popularity that are interesting to explore, especially how platforms like Youtube have become so influential, but from a linguistic point of view, the most notable thing about this song is that it gained massive popularity despite being in Korean. Previously, English had been the dominant language in Pop music. An article in the Guardian from January 2012, only a few months before Gangman Style was released, suggested that, “If you want to cross borders as a European artist, you had better sing in English.” The article argued that due to the domination of the US market, in order to achieve any kind of international success an artist or band had to sing in English.[2] And while many artist, like Avicii, Shakira and Tiësto, do still choose to produce music in English instead of their native language it is worth asking: might Gangnam Style have signalled the end of English as pop’s lingua franca?
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