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The Language Room is a worldwide supplier of translation and interpretation services. We are an ISO 9001:2008 accredited professional translation and interpretation agency working with leading companies and global businesses. We have earned the trust of our clients thanks to our professionalism, reliability and commitment to the highest standards.
Our team of experienced project managers and qualified translators guarantee you an excellent translation and interpretation service at competitive prices in over 50 languages. Translators are carefully selected for each project depending on the language pair and field in question (legal, medical, marketing, oil and gas, tourism, scientific, technical, literature, financial).

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An experienced management team forms the backbone of our company and supports you throughout each project. All our translators are familiar with the industry they are working in and have extensive understanding of the niche terminology involved in specialised fields.

Your dedicated account manager works with you to guarantee prompt delivery and ensure that all your translation requirements are addressed.

Contact us today to discuss your project with one of our specialists and make sure you get the best translation adapted to your business needs.

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Festive linguistics: The language of Christmas

Date: 22-12-2016 by Aleksandra Chlon

With Christmas around the corner, we thought we would engage in some festive linguistics and investigate the roots of some of our favourite Christmas words.

Bauble – The word ‘bauble’ may refer to the combination of two words: the Old French ‘baubel’ (a child’s toy) and the Old English ‘babyll’ (something that swings). In Old English, it was especially used to designate the mock symbol of office carried by a court jester, which is how it came to designate anything trivial, frivolous or worthless. It has been used to describe the Christmas tree ornament since 1847.

Gingerbread – Where did the bread come from in gingerbread? The word originates in the Latin ‘gingimbratus’ (preserved ginger), from ‘gingiber’ (ginger). It is thought that due to the intrusive ‘r’, the third syllable was confused with bread, which is how English acquired the term ‘gingerbread’ – through misunderstanding. Did you know that ‘gingerbread’ also refers to a flamboyant Victorian-era architectural style?

Mistletoe – The etymology of the word behind the lovely tradition of kissing under a mistletoe may surprise you, as it’s not quite as lovely and heart-warming as the tradition itself. The word comes from the Old English ‘misteltan’, composed of ‘mistel’ (dung) and ‘tan’ (twigs) – basically, “dung on a twig”. The plant was so named because it was discovered that mistletoe is fertilised by bird droppings that have fallen on trees. What’s more, most varieties of mistletoe are parasites; they cannot sustain themselves on their photosynthesis alone, so they leach nutrients from the tree they grow on. Continue Reading

The Language Room celebrates 10 years!

Date: 18-11-2016 by Elodie Milne

10 years ago, The Language Room was launched to serve people and make language more available.

We have been doing our best to deliver quality and make the World smaller, enthuse our translators, deliver quality to our clients and do our best to help people communicating wherever they are in world and whatever language they speak.

A tiny little drop in the ocean as the industry has many other companies offering the same services.  However we hope that offering quality time after time, being tirelessly keen on excellence, being open and offering the best customer service as possible we are managing to serve businesses all over the world and help them to communicate.
We have managed to help companies to grow by communicating with potential customers and being able to deliver their message all over the globe.

As we keep growing and our team is increasing we do our best to maintain the same high demand for quality and excellence.

We hope to be helping you soon to grow your business in the world, just give us a shout… in whatever language you fancy!


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