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The Language Room is a worldwide supplier of translation and interpretation services. We are an ISO 9001:2008 accredited professional translation and interpretation agency trusted, working with leading companies and global businesses. We have earned the trust of our clients thanks to our professionalism, reliability and commitment to the highest standards.

Our team of experienced project managers and qualified translators guarantee excellent translation and interpretation service at competitive prices in over 50 languages. Translators are carefully selected for each project depending on the language pair and field in question (legal, medical, marketing, oil and gas, tourism, scientific, technical, literature, financial).

An experienced management team forms the backbone of our company and supports you throughout each project. All our translators are familiar with the industry they are working in and have extensive understanding of the niche terminology involved in specialised fields.

Your dedicated account manager works with you to guarantee prompt delivery and ensure that all your translation requirements are addressed.

Contact us today to discuss your project with one of our specialists and make sure you get the best translation adapted to your business needs.

Latest Blog posts

Increase your sales... simply sell overseas

Date: 27-04-2016 by Stuart Milne
simply sell overseas
Simply sell overseas... but is it as easy as it sounds. English is accepted as the international language, but when it comes to opening doors, the best language to use may not necessary be English. The language you should make deals with is the language of the person in front of you. Now, you do not have to speak the 7000 languages in the world, but when you have a presence on the web (website, blog, social media) translating a few main pages can really change the traffic and the time your visitors spend with you. The same when you go to meetings. Is the most effective time, not usually after the official meeting while eating dinner or having a drink at the bar? This is the moment when you close a deal or meet someone with whom your company is going to make money in the future.

Is it really that easy to simply sell overseas

Your website is just like these meetings. If you want to sell online, you need the reader to like you, to know that what you sell/give/offer is going to be valuable, and the best way to start that conversation is... in their own language. We have all noticed the different experience we get if, when in a foreign country we use of few words in the language of the country, people smile and the welcome is much warmer. The same works over the Internet. Imagine a website that looks great, with products you would love to buy for your own use or for you work, but you cannot understand a word.... What would you do? Try to decipher it with a dictionary and a google translate app? No, we have all been there, what we simply do is go back and search for another site... in English! The market is challenging these days and by simply translating a few pages, you open up your business to millions of new clients. It does not need to be expensive and complicated. Most businesses employ an assistant; some have a writer, a web designer, an accountant. Translations will help you get your website ready for the world. Just choose your language.

Chinese dinner menu: fragrance of dog or screw the fish?

Date: 19-04-2016 by Stuart Milne
Chinese dinner menu
Chinese dinner menu. Quite a selection to choose from. Spicy intestine anyone? Or fragrance of dog? Still choosing... why not just screw the fish. The funniest part of this is that by translating their menu, the restaurant owners are hoping to bring in more clients. We are always telling our local clients that a fantastic way to grow their businesses is to simply sell to other countries. And it is very easy. The only important thing to bear in mind is who is reading the text. If they can not understand your text, they will not become your customer. Simply put; pay a professional to get it right.
How they could improve their Chinese dinner menu
In this instance, the translation of their Chinese dinner menu would have cost them less that the bill for a couple of customers. Far less than the cost of printing the Chinese dinner menu. To be safe, always ask the professionals. We are here to help.


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