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Our Clients

The Language Room has been delivering translation and interpretation services since 2006. We thrive at helping our clients take their message globally and understand their own clients and suppliers. We guarantee top quality translation and interpretation at a market-leading price time after time thanks to our team of qualified translators and interpreters.

We have a large client base and have experience in many different fields (technical, marketing, medical, oil and gas, tourism, etc.). Here are a few of our regular clients:

Legal sector: Quality Solicitors Bradbury Roberts Raby, Brodies LLP, Stuart and Stuart LLP, Bathgate Legal Practice LLP and DMD Law LLP.

Bioscience industry and medical translations: NHS (we hold a four-year tender with Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trust), Abbott Pharmaceuticals, OdStock Medical Ltd and Research Instruments Ltd.

Engineering sectors; construction, oil and gas and new technologies: Astins, Skanska, Havelock Europa, Balmoral Group, Subsea 7 and Vix Technology, Corelab, Orenda Energy

Tourism and leisure industry: VisitScotland, The Scotch Whisky Experience, The Famous Grouse Experience, Timberbush Tours, Jacobite Tours, Grayline Tours, and Highland Explorer Tours.

Museums: Picasso museum, Souchez, Attichy.

Other notable clients: Harvard University, Sky, Microsoft, McDonald, Schuh, Oracle, Nairn Oatcakes, PhotoBox, Edrington Group (Famous Grouse, Highland Park, etc.), Nobu restaurant and Aegis.

Case Study 1

Exterity Ltd

Exterity is a Scottish-based global provider of IP video and digital signage technology, we have been supplying translations for them into different languages (French, German, Italian, etc.) for over 3 years and are very proud to have been chosen as their preferred supplier for their language requirements.
“We have been working with the Language Room for quite some time now and their translation services are invaluable to a growing, global business such as Exterity. I continue to be impressed by the accuracy in their translations, particularly as many of our documents include complex, technical terminology and also at the speed in which they can turn them around. They offer a very cost-effective service and they are very responsive to email and always incorporate any feedback we provide. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other companies.” (Jill Couttie, Marketing Manager at Exterity).

Case Study 2


Schuh is a UK based company expanding into Europe which, for the last 3 years, has trusted The Language Room with all their translation needs in French and German.

Schuh boasts over 100 shops across Britain and Ireland, a customer service close to perfection and a wide range of shoes fit to attract a huge range of customers. Schuh is undoubtedly one of the UK’s fastest growing retailers, regularly winning prizes for their outstanding services and products.

Schuh has a very successful website designed, among others, to attract new customers, and they are ready to tackle more than Britain. They know that the image they project and the way they train their employees is the key to having happy, loyal customers.

The Language Room was initially asked to translate Schuh’s sales message into French before moving to German with the opening of their first German shop in March 2015.

The Language Room is Schuh’s chosen provider of translations: from marketing material to legal documents, automated e-mails to training material. We work alongside Schuh to help with their exciting expansion into Europe. We thank them for trusting us and look forward to continuing to help them develop across Europe.


Case Study 3

Scotch Whisky Experience

The Scotch Whisky Experience

At the beginning of 2012, we provided The Scotch Whisky Experience with translations for the touch screen displays and information leaflets in their newly refurbished visitor centre located on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. We have subsequently helped The Scotch Whisky Experience with updates to their whisky selection and restaurant menu. At the start of 2015, we completed the translation of their website.

The Scotch Whisky Experience is a very important part of the tourism trail for whisky in Scotland. It allows tourists to sample the diverse whiskies the country has to offer without leaving the capital city. However, it also benefits the distilleries throughout Scotland, as converted tourists become keen to travel and visit the distilleries.

The translation work for The Scotch Whisky Experience involved highly specific texts related to the history, taste and even pronunciation of all the whiskies on sale in their shop. We translated all the material about whiskies, as well as visitor centre information, into 19 different languages, including Scottish Gaelic.

We brought added value to The Scotch Whisky Experience by including the ‘checking’ of the uploaded screens in our price. We asked the designers to send us screen shots from the touch screens and finished leaflets in order to verify that everything had been transposed correctly. This allowed us to guarantee to The Scotch Whisky Experience that all the finished translations would read correctly for their visitors from overseas.

The Language Room is proud to have helped The Scotch Whisky Experience welcome their visitors.


Case Study 4

stef logo


STEF is the number one European operator in temperature-controlled supply chain delivery. They are experts in all types of road freight delivery at temperatures between – 25 °C and + 15 °C. STEF Transport operates a unique network of branches and partnerships in France and throughout Europe. The company serves over 10,000 customers daily, most in less than 24 hours, with a fleet of 2,300 vehicles from 57 warehouses across Europe.

STEF often requires urgent press releases in German, Dutch, English and Italian demanding highly-specialised translations with a quick turnaround. A glossary of specific vocabulary and preferred terms has been created and is regularly updated so as to maintain consistency and accuracy. We also provide STEF with translations of their sales and marketing brochures, as well as various PowerPoint presentations. Our collaboration has been in place for the last three years and we are proud that STEF trusts us to translate their message quickly and accurately.


When it comes to translation and interpretation, we offer specialised knowledge and industry expertise to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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