Chuchotage interpretation service Scotland

As with conference interpreting, chuchotage interpretation (or whispered interpreting) requires an expert set of skills, seeing as it involves performing the oral translation of a speech being delivered at the same time. Given that the translation must be performed simultaneously and with consideration for the surroundings, a cool head, a quick mind and high language skills are a requisite for this type of interpreting – which is exactly what we guarantee with our chuchotage interpretation service Scotland.

The Language Room has been providing interpreting services in the UK for many years. Our qualified interpreters are chosen for their experience and expertise in the field in question. Strict confidentiality and privacy are maintained at all times.

Chuchotage interpretation: how it works

Chuchotage interpretation takes place when an interpreter performs simultaneous interpretation in a low voice for one person (or two maximum), usually while placed next to or behind the person.  The interpreter needs to be very close to the person and speak softly (whispering would be too strenuous on their voice) in order to not disturb the other people present. This type of interpreting does not require any additional material and is ideal for small meetings, on-site visits or negotiations involving only a few people requiring an interpreter.



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