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Polish interpretation services

With around to 800,000 Polish people residing in the UK and about 1% of Britain’s population speaking Polish, the demand for Polish interpretation services is among the highest, compared to other languages. Interpreters are often required in medical, legal and social settings, such as hospitals and courts. Distance is not an obstacle – The Language Room is happy to provide interpreting over the phone or Skype.

A professional Polish interpretation services provider should offer excellent quality, prompt service and value-for-money. At The Language Room, we will work hard to offer you an efficient service with professional interpreters at a market-leading price. Our quotation will clearly state all costs, with no hidden extras. Where we are not sure what you require, we will contact you to ensure we are pricing for exactly what you need.

At The Language Room, we work with only qualified and experienced professional Polish interpreters. We monitor their performance to guarantee you the highest quality and delivery of your work. Our aim is to provide you with a Polish interpretation service you can rely on at all times.

Our Polish Interpretation Projects

The Language Room has carried out several interpreting assignments involving Polish. We have worked with many local legal firms, such as the Bathgate Family Law Practice, and other companies in Edinburgh and Livingston. Polish interpreters were required, for example, to interpret at legal proceedings in court regarding a divorce case and during an industrial dispute where a Polish employee was giving evidence.

How it Works

At the outset of any project, we work with you to identify your specific requirements in order to make sure our interpreters fulfil your needs and expectations. We ask you to provide us with as much documentation as possible to help us carry out exhaustive background research and be thoroughly prepared for your assignment. An allocated project manager will follow your project from start to finish and liaise with our interpreters before, during and after every assignment. We will allocate your interpretation assignment to our best interpreters taking into account their experience in your specific field and their expertise in the industry as a whole. Additionally, our customer service will be available throughout your assignment should anything arise or your circumstances change in any way.

Why choose our Polish Interpretation Services?

  • All our interpreters are qualified, experienced professionals.
  • We only work with interpreters who have passed our internal quality controls and our strict recruitment process.
  • The Language Room holds professional indemnity insurance.
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Polish interpretation services

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