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Given that almost a sixth of the world’s populations speaks a form of Chinese as their first language, the demand for Chinese translations is extremely high. We translate from Chinese into English and vice versa and can help you with the different Chinese languages (Mandarin or Cantonese). Contact Chinese translation services Glasgow today.

At The Language Room, we will deliver you high-quality Chinese translation services on time and at a competitive rate. The Language Room prides itself on offering our global client base English to Chinese (mainly Mandarin -Standard Chinese- and Cantonese) and Chinese to English translations at market leading prices. We provide clear, concise quotations with no added charges. What we price for, we deliver.

Some facts about Chinese

  • Around 16% of the world’s population (close to 2 billion people) are native speakers of some form of Chinese.
  • Contrary to popular belief that there are only four tones in Mandarin Chinese, there is also a fifth ‘neutral tone’. There’s a famous poem called 施氏食狮史 Shī shì shí shī shǐ (The Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den) which is comprised of 120 characters, all of which have the pronunciation “shi” – talk about a tongue twister!
  • Chinese grammar is extremely simple. There are no verb conjugations and tenses are expressed by using time phrases such as “tomorrow, yesterday, in the future” etc. If that wasn’t reason enough to pick up a Mandarin textbook, there’s also no gender-specific nouns and no need to distinguish between singular and plural nouns
  • The creativity of Chinese netizens has given rise to a new chapter of Chinese language use online in recent years. Here’s some of our favourite examples of Chinese internet slang: in Chinese three is “san”, so “3Q” sounds like the English “thank you”; eight is “ba” so “88” is used as it sounds like the English ‘bye-bye’.
  • The English word “tea” (so dear to us all) is a loan word that comes from (茶) in Hokkien, a Southern Min dialect.

To deliver you the highest quality work, The Language Room employs only the most qualified and experienced Chinese translators. We guarantee quality by translating and then proofreading (by a second, qualified Chinese translator) all our work.

Why use our Chinese translation services?

  • Your project is only complete when you are satisfied with our work.
  • We recruit only qualified, native speaking translators
  • All our team have passed our internal quality controls
  • The Language Room holds professional indemnity insurance
  • A well translated document speaks for itself
  • The Language Room; a professional Chinese translation services agency

Our Translation Process

We will analyse your project at the onset. Each project is different and we work with you to make sure you get what you need prior to starting your translation. Moreover, we offer a customer service that does not stop when we have delivered your documents.

The Language Room provides a customer service that goes beyond delivering quality translations. Your allocated project manager will follow your translation from start to finish.

We allocate your project to our best-matched translator taking into account, the language pair, experience in your specific field and expertise in the industry. Your project manager is always available throughout the process and after completion. Our clients are our business and we take care to look after them all.

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