Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh

As a translation agency located in Scotland, we regularly deliver Scottish Gaelic translations. The Language Room has close ties to Scotland (we are based in the Scottish town of Linlithgow). We have vast experience translating documents from and into Scottish Gaelic. We will be happy to help with you Scottish Gaelic translation services and deliver high-quality translations on time at a competitive rate. We pride ourselves on offering our global client base top-quality translations from and into Scottish Gaelic at market leading prices. We provide clear, concise quotations with no added charges. What Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh price for, we deliver.

We only work with qualified and experienced Scottish Gaelic translators. We have a team of Scottish Gaelic translators that we’ve worked with for many years and that we trust. Also, all our translations are first translated and then proofread by a second qualified Scottish Gaelic translator.

The types of documents we translate into and from Scottish Gaelic include, but are not limited to, legal contracts, information leaflets for the NHS on health and safety topics, tourist brochures, product information, sales brochures and presentations. We have carried out translations for prominent companies such as Wild Scotland, The Scotch Whisky Experience and Creative Scotland. We’ve also worked with well known UK businesses such as Potts Print, Meriel Young Consulting and

Some facts about Scottish Gaelic language

  • Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language native to Scotland. Like modern Irish and Manx, it developed out of Middle Irish, and is therefore descended from Old Irish.
  • At one point, both Irish and Scottish Gaelic had both acute (right-slanting) and grave (left-slanting) accents. Now, however, the accent marks always slant to the right in Irish and to the left in Scottish Gaelic.


Why use Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh

  • Your project is complete only when you are satisfied with our work
  • All our translators are qualified, native speakers
  • All our team members have passed internal quality controls
  • The Language Room holds professional indemnity insurance
  • A well-translated document speaks for itself
  • A world-wide client base acquired thanks to our professionalism and reliability
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Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh

Translation process

Our very first step is to analyse the project. Each project is different and we work closely with our clients to make sure they get what they need prior to starting a translation. An experienced project manager will follow the translation from start to finish. Each translation is allocated to the best matching translator, taking into account the language pair, their experience in the specific field and their expertise in the industry. Moreover, we offer a customer service that does not stop when we have delivered the translated documents. A project is finished only when the client is fully satisfied. Scottish Gaelic translation services Edinburgh clients are our business and we take care to look after them all.

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