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Audio Guides

Our language services involving the creation of Audio Guides rely on a team of specialised linguists and experienced technicians. The Language Room can complete the creation of your audio-guides from start to finish. Seeing as audio guides reflect the image of your company for a large part of your visitors, we realise how crucial they are in promoting your brand.

Creation of Audio Guides: the process

Creating an audio guide begins with your original script, which we translate according to our strict two-step process which guarantees correct tone, flawless content and utmost precision. It also ensures that the right audience is targeted.

Once the translation has been completed in the languages you require for your visitors, the script will be sent to a native voice-over artist for practice to ensure that the content is delivered in a natural and pleasing manner. All our voice-over artists are chosen for their clear speech, average accent and pleasant tone of voice.

The recordings take place in our business partner’s professional studios, where the technicians produce a recording that meets all your requirements. We will deliver your final audio file via email in the requested format, ready to be used immediately on your audio-guide devices.


When it comes to translation and interpretation, we offer specialised knowledge and industry expertise to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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