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Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive interpretation takes place when a speaker talks for a short period of time then pauses to let the interpreter (who is usually next to him on a pulpit, stage, etc.) translate what has just been said, providing an accurate rendition in the target language.

When questions arise, the interpreter translates both the question and the answer, enabling the communication to flow. Consecutive interpreting is usually used during conferences, presentations or even visits, when a dialogue between people who do not speak the same language is expected to take place. Please bear in mind that this type of interpreting will increase the duration of your event.

Two types of consecutive interpreting are available: short and long. ‘Short’ consecutive interpreting occurs when the person speaking stops at intervals short enough for the interpreter to rely on his or her memory to translate once the speaker pauses. ‘Long’ consecutive interpreting occurs when the intervals are a little longer and the interpreter therefore needs to take notes in order to produce an accurate rendering of the meaning. The choice between the two types (long or short) is made before the start of the interpretation assignment.

Consecutive interpretation can be used only in meetings with a few people present, when interpreting equipment (booth, headsets, AV system, etc.) is not necessary.

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