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Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpretation is the act of simultaneously interpreting the speaker’s words into the audience’s target language through a headset. This is the most demanding type of Interpretation.

How does Simultaneous interpretation work?

An interpreter listens to the conversation through earphones and speaks into a microphone. Everything takes place at the same time so that the audience hears the translation with only a few seconds’ delay.

Simultaneous interpretation is very demanding and an interpreter cannot work for more than about 20 minutes without a break. Depending on the content and whether the interpreter has been well briefed beforehand, the time can be extended up to 30 minutes. For most assignments, two interpreters are required, taking turns translating while the other can rest (although usually still listening so they know where the speaker is at when it is their turn to start again).

Interpreters for these assignments usually work in booths (or cabins), however there are other options if there is no space for an interpretation booth. Your project manager will make sure you have what you need for your event (interpreters, interpreting equipment, etc.) following a thorough analysis of your requirements.

Simultaneous interpretation requires equipment – please click on the link for more information.

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