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Telephone or Skype Interpretation Services

If you require an interpreter but for whatever reason are unable to arrange a face-to-face meeting with your interlocutor, telephone or Skype interpretation can be a highly viable alternative.

Our highly qualified and experienced interpreters will render accurate translations of the dialogue or negotiation while always respecting confidentiality. As with any other type of interpreting, any documentation which is going to be discussed is requested to be sent to us by email or post prior to the call so that the interpreter can prepare in advance.


Telephone or Skype interpretation: how it works

Telephone or Skype interpreting is an ideal solution when you are unable to meet with your interlocutor face to face. This type of interpreting is used instead of on-site interpreting when there is no interpreter available at the required location, or more commonly when both parties are in different locations.

A conference call is set up at the time and date convenient for both parties.  During the call, the interpreter works in much the same way as in a consecutive interpreting setting, letting the speaker talk and subsequently translating the speech when the speaker pauses.

A video call can also be arranged, depending on facilities and preference.

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