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Translation Services

At The Language Room, we operate a robust, ISO9001:2008 accredited, high-quality management system to ensure your translated text will be an accurate rendering of your source file.

Your translations will be overseen by a dedicated project manager, your unique contact throughout the duration of any translation contract, whose responsibility it is to supervise the process from receipt of the original language material through to delivery of your translated and proofed documents.

Your translation will go through several well-documented steps in order to provide accuracy and precision, carefully overseen by your allocated project manager:

  • Analysis of your document and text to make sure we gather all the information required to give you an accurate quote with no surprise at the end
  • Preliminary questions sent to you requesting all the information, specific vocabulary, deadline, formatting instructions and any special requirements for your particular project
  • In-house analysis and checklist creation
  • Your translation is allocated to the best matching translator, taking into account not only the language pair but also knowledge in the specific field and expertise in the industry
  • Your translation is proofread by a second fully qualified and experienced native translator to check the accuracy, spelling, punctuation, grammar and overall readability of your document
  • At each stage, if we need any additional information we will contact you
  • In-house check to verify that the formatting and translation is complete and that the file is ready
  • On-time delivery of your translation

Our job is complete only when you have acknowledged receipt and are satisfied with your final translation. Any amendments will be made at your request even after delivery.

We are all human, even if we have the best available software to help us work efficiently and keep costs down. All our translations are performed, checked and approved by humans. Mistakes may happen, but we have systems in place to make sure this happens rarely. Most of our business comes from returning customers, which suggests we must be doing something right.

Our Services in Translation

Whether you require translation services, we guarantee in-depth knowledge and specialised industry expertise so as to ensure that all our clients are 100% satisfied.

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When it comes to translation and interpretation, we offer specialised knowledge and industry expertise to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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