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Legal Translation Services

Legal documents can differ greatly and our legal translation services aim to meet all our various clients’ requirements. By definition, legal translation relates to law and we work with many large law firms throughout the UK. Legal documents can be court documents, wills, power of attorney letters, writs, letting forms, loan documents, business related files, employment letters and many more. If we take business-related files, as an example, legal documents can be anything from a Confidentiality Agreement through to a Partnership Agreement or even Director’s Resolution papers.

Our legal translation services process

The translation of a legal document involves providing an audit trail with each translation so that the source of the translation can be asserted should this be required. At The Language Room, we guarantee that your legal files are all certified with the correct supporting documents so that your translations can be used as you wish.

Any translation requires experience and knowledge if it is to be completed correctly. The most challenging aspect of legal translation is the specific terminology: the exact term must be used to be certain that the correct message is being conveyed. Therefore, additional time is often required to reference material relevant to your particular document and make sure the correct terms are applied.

The Language Room has many years of proven experience working with legal firms throughout the world. We can provide legal translations in many languages.

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Legal translation services



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