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Literature translation services

To write an article, a piece of prose or an entire novel is to create a work that reflects your inner thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Literature translation is the art of translating something so personal and emotive, so dynamic and skilful, is the domain of experienced translators who are writers themselves.

It is crucial to know not only the subject, but also the person who created the work. Producing a faithful translation involves understanding the author’s style, form and the way they create their story. Translators who perform literary translations are cited in the work, seeing as it is their interpretation that is presented in the finished article. It is the translator who has chosen how to present a piece of work and it is their skill that will sell the translation.

We would be delighted to help you with your translations and can advise the best ways to embark on the journey to create your finished article or book.

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Case Study

In 2011, we translated into Spanish a 180-page book of about 80,000 words entitled ‘Systems thinking in the public sector: the failure of the reform regime… and a manifesto for a better way’. We asked one of our most experienced authors to work through the text and passed regular communications between him and our clients.

Once complete, the entire text was proofread by a second highly experienced translator to make sure the work was satisfactory for our clients. The whole process took three months from start to finish and delivered to our clients a complete book ready for publication in Spanish.

The book, entitled ‘La eficiencia en el sector público. Un enfoque sistémico’, is currently available from Amazon.es.

Literature translation services


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