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Medical translation services

Medical translation services can involve the translation of any document related to the field of medicine, from case notes, prescription history, a surgeon’s report following an operation to drug safety booklets.

The content of medical translations is highly specialised and requires both experience and research time to ensure that the correct terms are being used. For instance, medical texts contain a large quantity of acronyms which are rarely the same in their translated form.

We will work closely in consultation with you to make sure that all specialist terms and acronyms are understood by us and, as a result, correctly translated for you. Communication is very important with medical translations and your project manager will maintain a close link with you throughout the translation process.

Sometimes, for audit purposes, a medical translation will need to be certified so the source of the translation, your translator, can be contacted if required. We will take great care to guarantee that your medical files are all certified with the correct supporting documents so that your translations can be used as you require.

The Language Room has many years of proven experience working with the medical profession in both the UK and other countries. We can provide medical translations in whatever language you require.

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