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Translation services for oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry spans the entire globe and encompasses companies from all continents. These companies vary in their activities, from the extraction and the refining of oil through to the supply of machinery and hardware. Products from the oil and gas industry range enormously, from tarmac used in road surfaces to plastics in computers and petrol powering the cars to plastic on the dashboard. Translation in the field of oil and gas can mean anything from marketing and sales brochures to datasheets for highly specialised machinery.

The Language Room currently works with a number of different companies translating their documents from English into Portuguese, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish and many others. We also translate from many of these languages into English. We have also translated employment contracts for contractors working throughout the globe, equipment specification sheets for machines operating in the subsea environment and entire websites selling highly specialised products.

The Language Room has many years of proven experience in translation within the field of oil and gas, both in the UK and overseas. We can provide translations in any language you require.

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Case study

For more than two years, The Language Room has been providing translations into Spanish and Portuguese for Subsea 7, an oil and gas company based in Aberdeen.  The Spanish translations are produced for the South American market and the Portuguese ones for Brazil. As part of our contract, we translate Subsea 7’s bi-annual magazine, and marketing material. We also  and supply them with audio files for their training videos.

As with all our regular clients, we have created a glossary containing their preferred specialised terminology so as to ensure continuity and consistency.  The glossary is regularly updated and guarantees the delivery of accurate and consistent translations time after time, for all their projects.


Translation services in oil and gas industry


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