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Proofreading Services

At The Language Room, each assignment is proofread and assessed by a second qualified translator. Even though some software packages offer automated readability rating, we do not use these and rely, instead, on our translator’s expertise.

Proofreading is a critical step in all professional translation works. Proofreading involves a detailed checking of a file once it has been translated to make sure the translation reads well. The translated file is compared to the original source text and it is the proofreader’s responsibility to review the whole file and make any necessary changes in the document.

Additionally, to help us monitor all our translators, we ask our proofreader to give a specific rating of the translation on a scale from one (poor) to ten (excellent). The criteria we ask our proofreader to rate are readability, accuracy, grammar, spelling and punctuation. We also request an overall rating for the translation. If any of the scores are below eight, we request the input of a third qualified and experienced translator.

Only when the scores are all better than eight out of ten will your account manager accept the translation and approve it for delivery back to you.

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Case study

The Language Room has been translating everything from case studies and patient reports through to information leaflets and questionnaires for the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trust since 2012. As part of this Framework agreement, we proofread all files for the NHS. All proofread files have the changes tracked and are made available to our clients as part of our audit trail.



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