Dubbing services Edinburgh Scotland

Dubbing services Edinburgh Scotland

Dubbing (or ‘revoicing’ in the film industry) is the process of replacing a voice of an actor with another voice. Originally used in musicals to cover the voice of an artist whose singing was deemed not acceptable, it is now mainly used to replace the actors’ voices in different languages making films immediately accessible to a mass audience. Contact dubbing services Edinburgh Scotland for more information.

Dubbing requires actors with experience fitting the voice criteria and characters, as it is much more than simply a voice-over.

Once all your needs and demands have been analysed, our specialised team will begin the process. First, the translation will need to be carefully adapted to the timing and length of each scene as well as the lips movements when relevant. This is a careful and skilled task which requires at least two translators and one proofreader. Once this has been checked and approved, the most suitable voice actors are recruited.

Rythmo bands (or ‘lip-sync bands’) are sometimes created, however this depends on the language and the technician decision subject to each project.

The recording can then take place in a professional studio with trained technicians experienced in dubbing and ADR/post-sync. The dubbing is performed by professional voice actors, carefully selected and fulfilling your criteria.

This process makes your audio-visual material accessible to a global audience in countries where viewers do not speak the same language as the performers in the original film or video.

As a business, this can be used for different in-house training videos, advertising campaigns, safety films, etc. to share between different offices and off-site locations. In the film industry this is a must for many countries in Europe (France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, etc.) where viewers are used to dubbed films, in contrast to most Scandinavian countries where dubbing is mostly only used for children’s programmes.

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