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We supply high quality audio recordings ready for use in audio guides, advertisements, in-house training material, and much more. These audio recordings can be in as many languages as you require. We can translate your script or work from translations you already have in-house. We are specialist in voice over services Edinburgh.

Our audio recordings are created in professional studios guaranteeing you a perfect sound and a high quality, and are delivered in whichever format you require. The voice-over will be delivered at a speed matching the original voice in the video. Where certain language translations contain more text or words than the original, we will adapt the translations so that a similar message is delivered in the same time frame.


Our carefully chosen voice-over artists are native speakers with an average accent and a clear voice. They are trained to deliver their message in a speed and tone adapted to the target country (i.e. French for Quebec, Spanish for Latin America and Portuguese for Angola) and are selected to match your preferences (male or female voice).

Our team of linguists and audio technicians will always be happy to advise and guide you so you get exactly what your company needs. Simply phone us or send us an email to discuss your requirements and we can tell you how we will deliver what you need.

Voice over services – what we deliver

Audio files can be added to already existing videos. Each frame will match what is being done/said to appear as natural as possible and flow with the pictures. Please note this is different to dubbing which replaces the voice of actors when they speak. Our audio recordings are placed on to a film or video and are generally used in documentaries, news reports, training videos etc. to explain the information.

Case study

One of our latest projects was with an oil and gas multinational company who needed to have their safety training videos adapted to their employees based in South America. After careful translation of the text into two languages, the recording by native voice-over artists took place in professional studios.

In that instance, our client did not need us to add the audio files to the video; the recordings were delivered to them in a ready-to-use format allowing the media company who produced the original videos to add these recordings straight onto the training films.

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