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At tourism translation service Scotland, we work with tourism companies on a regular basis, providing translations for their websites, brochures, and interactive information panels, as well as creating audio guides.

Many of these companies have been our clients for years having placed their trust in our expertise and professionalism.

Translating documents related to the field of tourism requires thorough knowledge of the history and geography of the place in question so as to ensure accuracy in rendering location specific terms in the target language. Haggis does not exist in other parts of the world, however, a translation must still reflect the contents of haggis along with a pronunciation to allow a tourist to fully appreciate the local delicacy.

A translation for tourism needs to reflect the tone and be tailored to your target audience. For certain texts, length is also an important factor, for example in the case of written guides where tourists need to be able to read each description fast enough in order to keep up with the flow of the visit. For audio guides, length is also important, in addition to making sure that the words and vocabulary chosen are easily understood and the description is clear, all the while retaining the tone of the original text or audio-guide.

Tourism translation – Case Study

The Language Room was proud to work with one of Edinburgh’s main tourist attractions, The Scotch Whisky Experience, located on the Royal Mile. We provided the translation for their new updated interactive screens in 19 languages. The world of whisky and distilleries involves highly specialised vocabulary, with many subtleties, nuances and Scotland-specific terms. The work involved a great amount of accuracy, precision and research.

As with all our projects, translation was followed by thorough proofreading and checking. Before the foreign language versions were made available to the public, an extra step for The Language Room was to verify the content after it was put online by the graphics and IT team at The Scotch Whisky Experience. Terminology was checked once again, and functionality and linking terms were verified so as to ensure that the information was laid out properly on each screen and that no letter or character had been cut off, which can easily happen especially for languages such as Arabic, Urdu or Chinese.

The overall result was a success and we continue to work with them if any updates are required. The next stage of their development is the creation of audio-guides, for which The Language Room is delighted to offer their services to produce high-quality translations and recordings which will be shared with visitors from all over the world.

When translating for the tourism industry, it is essential to hire native, experienced translators who have an extensive knowledge of the subject matter so as to guarantee an excellent, top-quality tourism translation that you will be pleased and proud to share with visitors from Europe and beyond. 

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