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B2B Translations, Interpretations, Transcriptions & Subtitling

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Our management team forms the backbone of our company and supports you throughout each project. All our translators are familiar with the industry they are working in. They have extensive understanding of the specialised terminology involved in their fields.

Your allocated account manager works with you to guarantee you receive the translation you need when you need it.

Contact us now to discuss your project with one of our specialists and we will make sure you get the best translation adapted to your business needs and budget.

The Language Room

The Language Room is a global translation and interpretation agency with offices in Scotland, London and France. We have earned the trust of our clients due to our professionalism, reliability and customer service.

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and strictly follow the ISO 17100 standards to deliver you quality time after time.

Each project is different and therefore needs to be processed as such depending on the language pair, the field (legal, medical, oil and gas, tourism, scientific, technical and literature), the audience it is aimed at, etc. As a result, your dedicated project manager carefully selects the translators according to these criteria.

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