Secure Platform

At The Language Room, we are aware that your data is often confidential and that its protection has now become a priority. We provide you with a secure document transfer platform to ensure files can be exchanged in a confidential manner between you and us.

This platform ensures you a high-security file transfer:

  • Password protected
  • Unique username and password for each client
  • Unique folder for each client in our secure server
  • No indexed URL from search engines: no one can access the platform unless they have the link we provide
  • User authentication time limit: user will need to log in again if not using the file uploader for an hour.
  • User creation and monitoring strictly done by The Language Room team.
  • Secure SSL connection
  • Encrypted database records (file name, size and type)

Its user-friendly intuitive design along with its very simple functioning enable you to upload your files quickly and easily:

  • If you wish so, we provide you with a unique login and password to access the platform
  • Just upload your file to be translated on the server
  • You will be notified by email when your file is uploaded
  • Upon file upload, it is given a unique name by the server.
  • When the translation is ready and finalised, we upload it to the server
  • You will then receive an email from both the server and us to inform you it is ready
  • Just download your final file!