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Need Education Translation Services? Read on to find out how The Language Room can help you with your next project.

The world of academia is broad, highly informed, and continuously evolving. From Schools to Universities, between final dissertations and industrial analysis’, the demand for information exchange is constant.

With the effects of globalisation academics and institutions have now become global. Each and every document now needs multiple versions to cater to the international audience. This means different languages, different alphabets, and different cultures being taken into account.

For this, there is no factor more important than the accuracy of the translation. When it comes to highly specialised information, the quality of the translation is crucial to ensure no statement, fact or statistic is misinformed.

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The Language Room Education Translation Services

When it comes to precise translation, that is what we as The Language Room are here for. We know what it takes to deliver high precision translations with efficiency, and our education translation services are no different. We pride ourselves in our high quality and accurate translations for businesses across a variety of specialised domains. We work with highly specialised documents daily, working with every industry from medical (NHS) to technical (Oracle) and legal (Interpol). As well as our participation in Academia directly with institutions such as Harvard University, University College London, Cambridge University, University of Edinburgh, University of Aberdeen and many more.

At The Language Room, each factor which makes up a good translation is taken into account. We make sure to adhere to any cultural nuances to ensure a translation which will avoid any abrasive wording which could be understood the wrong way. We also double-down on quality, with our quality assurance techniques comprised of multiple levels and several professionals at each stage.

With almost 20 years experience in the world of translation, and numerous satisfied clients, we can help you with any document in a fast, effective and professional manner.

Contact us today and discover how we can help you with your next project.