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Chuchotage interpretation services

Chuchotage is a particularly specialised type of interpreting. As can be seen for all types of interpreting, chuchotage interpretation (also known as whispered interpreting) requires an expert set of skills. Due to the nature of the work, you would have to have a cool head, quick mind and extremely strong language skills. With this in mind, this is exactly what we guarantee with our chuchotage interpretation service Scotland.

The Language Room has been providing its chuchotage interpretation service Scotland for many years. As a result, we work with a large pool of highly skilled interpreters. This then helps us to select the best qualified interpreter for your event. Subsequently, our search is based on their experience and expertise in the relevant field. What’s more, all our interpreters maintain strict confidentiality and privacy at all times.

Chuchotage interpretation; how it works

Chuchotage interpretation is carried out similar to simultaneous interpretation. However, instead of being in a booth and separated from a potentially large audience, the interpreter is generally dealing with one listener (or a maximum of two) and stands/sits by them. The interpreter will for this reason need to be very close to the listeners and speak softly. This will ensure that they avoid disturbing the other people present. Despite the name, chuchotage interpreters do not whisper, as this would be too strenuous on their voice. Given these points, it is the ideal interpreting service for small meetings, on-site visits or negotiations that involve only a few people who need an interpreter. Furthermore, this type of interpreting does not require any extra equipment.

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