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Remote interpretation services

Phone or online interpretation can be a very useful alternative to holding a meeting in person. Contact us today to find out how we can help and provide remote interpretation services that will fit your needs. We will take you through our process and provide you with a no obligation quote. 

Our highly qualified and experienced interpreters provide accurate translations of the conversation or presentations while always respecting confidentiality. As with any other type of interpreting, please send us any documents prior to the call that may be discussed at the meeting, so the interpreter can prepare in advance.

Remote interpretation: how they work

Telephone or online interpreting is an ideal solution when you are unable to meet with your client/patient/colleagues face-to-face. This type of interpreting is used instead of on-site interpreting and commonly when both parties are in different locations. It also means there is no need to have an interpreter available at a specific location. It’s easy to set up and very cost effective as no-one must travel. What’s more, you only need a computer, laptop or even just a mobile phone. You can also check our remote simultaneous interpretation services here.

A conference call is set up at a time and date convenient for both parties. During the call, the interpreter works in much the same way as in a consecutive or simultaneous interpreting setting, depending on the type of meeting.

Remote interpretation

If it is a consecutive interpretation: they let the speaker talk and subsequently translate the speech when the speaker pauses.

If it is a simultaneous interpretation: two interpreters work together taking turns to translate the presenter’s speech. 

 Contact telephone interpretation service for an immediate response. We will be happy to be of assistance.


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