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Simultaneous interpretation services

Simultaneous interpretation has one significant difference when compared to conference or consecutive interpreting. Usually, an interpreter waits until the speaker finishes before conveying their message. But here they simultaneously translate the speaker’s words while the speaker is talking. This is the most demanding type of interpretation. Even so, our simultaneous interpretation service Scotland is the best. We can provide you with this service wherever and whenever you need it.

How does simultaneous interpretation work?

During a speech, the interpreter listens with earphones and speaks into a microphone. They relay to the audience what is being said. As such, the audience hears the translation with only a few seconds’ delay. But, it is important to realise that this is a very demanding skill.
To give an example, translators have time to think of the perfect phrase, do research and check their work. Whereas, simultaneous interpreters have to come up with a solution immediately. Additionally, they also need to research the subject in advance.
As such, you must provide us with as much information as possible. Because we want to help our interpreter prepare for your event. As such, the more they know, the better your interpreter can prepare for your job.
To conclude, we want the best interpreter fully prepared for your assignment.
Simultaneous interpretation is very demanding. An interpreter cannot work for more than about 20 minutes without a break. Yet, depending on the content, this can be 30 minutes. For this reason, most assignments need two interpreters. They each take turns interpreting while the other rests. But, they still listen so they know where the speaker is when it is their turn to start again.
Interpreters for these assignments usually work in booths (or cabins). But, there are other options if there is no space for an interpreting booth. Your project manager will make sure you have what you need for your event. Such as interpreters, interpreting equipment and anything else. They will work this out after a thorough analysis of your requirements.
We can also supply your simultaneous interpretation equipment. Please ask us for more information.

Our simultaneous interpretation service Scotland

We have over 10 years’ experience in the industry and have worked in many different settings. For example, we have organised Chinese interpretation with the EU. Also, we have set up individual Skype interpretation in Spain. So, we can meet your needs and are happy to help, contact us today.
Simultaneous interpretation service Scotland

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