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Liaison Interpretation

Liaison interpretation is typically used for business meetings, negotiations, factory tours, visits, medical appointments, or any other situation where there might be a language barrier. The interpreter translates back and forth between the two languages; it is therefore also known as bilateral interpretation.


How does Liaison Translation work ?

The interpreter provides real-time interpretation by listening to what is being said in one language and translating in the other language for a person or a group of people. This can be done consecutively (after the speaker has finished a sentence or a short segment) or simultaneously (while the speaker is talking, with a slight delay).

For this type of interpretation, there is no need for any specialised equipment.

Generally, the speaker will be asked to stop frequently, allowing the interpreter to translate. No notes are used as the interpreter goes with the flow of the conversation.

The interpreter’s presence helps ensure that participants can engage in meaningful dialogue and accomplish their objectives despite the difference in languages.

Like for any interpretation assignment, liaison interpreters will maintain a neutral and impartial stance, ensuring that they accurately convey the messages of all groups involved without adding their personal opinions or biases.

In the same way, confidentiality is of the utmost importance and will be respected, and no information of what has been discussed will be disclosed at any time beyond the assignment.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

This type of interpretation is ideal for international business negotiations, tours for foreign visitors, diplomatic meetings, medical appointments, legal proceedings, and various other contexts allowing effective communication between people speaking different languages.


We take pride in our commitment to confidentiality, professionalism, and adaptability. Whether you require on-site interpretation, over-the-phone services, or video remote interpretation, The Language Room has the solution that meets your unique needs. 

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