Man versus machine: the battle of the century

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Man versus machine is not a new topic, of course, but oh! how we love to discuss it and how thrilled we were reading this article on Saturday. As always after a good juicy story which supports our case, we are pleased to share a few clever experiments The Guardian wrote about this weekend for their readers’ entertainment and education. The topic of man versus machine is not new, but we, humans, simply love to talk about it and see whether machines can beat us.

How does Man versus Machine compare?

Would you hire a professional chef or have your meal prepared by… a machine?  Yes, you read that right: a machine claims to be able to concoct a mouth-watering meal composed of various subtly prepared dishes. Who wins, the chef or the machine? The answer is probably obvious. Indeed, you are correct: the human (do we need to add) chef cooks better than a machine! Not sure we needed a large number of experiments to prove that particular point.

How about painting – would you have a portrait of your precious children painted by a (human) artist or by a machine? The Guardian’s verdict is unsurprising: once again humans win.

The article goes on and… oh, how wonderful! The author tackles the prickly, controversial, universal (well, in our universe certainly) topic of translation. We read on with angst and sweaty palms, holding our newspaper tighter… Will we be made obsolete? Could a machine replace us? Will it? And the result is… no! Ah, that just made our weekend here at The Language Room. Surely you know the next line: if you need high-quality translations simply call The Language Room. Our (human) team will look after you from start to finish, delivering translations that are beautifully executed, proofread and checked by our qualified and experienced human translators. We await your call!