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Founded in 2006, The Language Room offers translation and interpretation services to both British and international clients. You can check out our other languages Scotland UK page below.

What we do

Above all, we provide top-quality translation services at market-leading prices. In order to provide these, we work with our team of qualified translators. They all have vast experience in the translation industry, and so you can rely on us for all your language needs. In addition, we use translation memory software to make sure that all the terminology is consistent within documents and industries. This software will also allow us to ensure that vocabulary or slogans specific to your company stay exactly as you want them. Not only will using translation memory software improve consistency, but it also keeps translation costs to a minimum for our clients.

Here at The Language Room, we tailor our interpretation services to each individual client. What’s more, our highly skilled, qualified interpreters always use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that their work meet our clients’ needs. As well as that, we work in partnership with a number of companies to source equipment at competitive rates for our clients. Which, in turn, will also contribute to keeping costs down.

Our clients

We have an extensive client base that spans across multiple industry sectors. In short, these include the:

Other languages Scotland UK

The Language Room – Other languages Scotland UK

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