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Hindi translation services Edinburgh Scotland

For more than a decade now, Hindi translation services Edinburgh has been providing top-quality Hindi translation, interpretation and voice-over/dubbing services to our clients around the world. We therefore have extensive experience in meeting clients’ needs to the highest standards.

We always ask about your specific requirements so that we can cover every aspect of your needs. Every time we deliver Hindi translation services, we ensure you get exactly the service you wanted, thanks to our team of experienced project managers, skilled translators and expert linguists.

Facts about the Hindi language

  • Hindi is written using the Devanagari script, which comprises 11 vowels and 33 consonants. Devanagari is an abugida, which means that consonant-vowel units appear together, with secondary vowel notation.
  • This script also does not differentiate between lower and upper case, and the characters that group together as one single word are linked by a horizontal bar above.
  • Despite being very different from English, Hindi belongs to the same language family, the Indo-European family. As a result, there are some Hindi words that seem very similar to English. For example, “nām” means “name”, “din” means “day” and “āt” means “eight”.
  • Some English words are loanwords, borrowed directly from Hindi, such as “bungalow”, “jungle”, “punch” and “shampoo”.
  • In Hindi, “bhālū” means “bear” and “Baghīrā” means “black panther”… That’s right, Kipling (author of The Jungle Book, later adapted by Disney) didn’t go far to find inspiration for the names of two of his iconic characters!
  • Hindi is closely related to Urdu and speakers of the two languages can often understand each other without too much effort.


Hindi translation services Edinburgh

Hindi interpretation services Edinburgh

Interpretation is the spoken equivalent of written translation. When you are looking for professional Hindi interpretation services, you need excellent quality, prompt service and value for money. This is exactly what we offer. At The Language Room, we work hard to ensure we meet your needs fully and to the highest standards. Moreover, our interpretation services also work exclusively with professional interpreters at a competitive price. Contact us today for more information.

We always start by discussing your project with you so that we have a full understanding of your requirements. Only then are we able to provide you with clear quotations that cover all aspects of the assignment. This means that all the extras are included from the beginning and there are no hidden costs at the end.

The Language Room employs only highly qualified and trained Hindi interpreters. We select the interpreters who are best suited to your specific Hindi interpretation project by ensuring they have extensive experience in your field. What’s more, you will also have a committed project manager looking after you throughout your assignment, so you can contact us at any time if you have concerns or queries. Our Hindi interpreters will be punctual, ready for your event and follow all the required professional protocols.

  • All our interpreters are qualified, experienced professionals.
  • We only work with interpreters who have passed our internal quality controls and our strict recruitment process.
  • The Language Room holds professional indemnity insurance.

Our interpretation process

In order to guarantee a professional service, we ask that you provide us with your specific requirements and any background material at the onset of a project. This allows our team to do the preparation necessary prior to any assignment in order to be ready for your project. Our aim is to deliver interpretation of the highest standard.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to us and we aim to look after you both throughout your interpretation project and afterwards. Your committed project manager will liaise with you during any assignment to check that everything is going to plan and to your satisfaction. If you have any feedback after your event, then we are happy to take it on board for the next time we work with you.

We will assign your project to the most appropriate team of qualified interpreters. They will have experience in your field of work and will assist you throughout your assignment. Our project manager will maintain communication with you at all times to make sure we deliver you the best possible Hindi interpretation services. Our clients are important to us and we put everything into place to ensure a successful assignment.

Contact Hindi translation services Edinburgh today for a free quote. 

Hindi translation services Edinburgh

Our Hindi translation services offer excellent customer service, punctual delivery and value for money at all times. At The Language Room, we work hard to ensure that our clients throughout the world receive efficient Hindi translation services at a market-leading price.

We provide clear, concise quotations with no added extras. What we price for, we deliver. What’s more, The Language Room employs only the most highly qualified and experienced Hindi translators. In doing so, we ensure that our translators have not only outstanding linguistic skills, but also extensive expertise in your subject field.

Why use our Hindi translation service

  • Your project is only complete when you are 100% satisfied with our work.
  • All our translators are qualified, native speakers.
  • Every member of our team has passed our strict internal quality controls.
  • The Language Room holds professional indemnity insurance.
  • A well-translated document speaks for itself.
  • The Language Room is a professional Hindi translation agency delivering translations throughout the world.

Our Translation Process

Once you have accepted our offer, we start by analysing your project thoroughly. This is because each project is different and we want to be sure of the specific details of your Hindi translation before starting. Moreover, if we are ever unsure of your exact requirements, we will contact you for clarification, so you will always be happy with the end result.

The Language Room provides a customer service that goes beyond delivering excellent translations. With this in mind, a highly qualified project manager will take care of your project and follow it from start to finish. To this end, they stay in contact with you over the course of the project to make sure you receive exactly what you require. For us, a project is only finished when you are satisfied, so we are always happy to take on feedback or revisit something at your request

The project manager will assign your translation to the translator whose profile best matches your project. This takes into account the language pair, experience in your specific field and expertise in the industry. Once this translator finishes translating and revising the text, we pass it onto a second qualified Hindi translator. This second translator then proofreads the text thoroughly to ensure consistency and accuracy. Our clients are our business and we take care to look after them all.


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