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Quality translation service Scotland


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Native translators

Context, expressions and culture-related elements are of vital importance when it comes to translating a document. For this reason, The Language Room works with translators who translate exclusively into their native language.

What’s more, whatever the language, a native speaker has an intuitive approach to their mother tongue. Native speakers are also familiar with all its intricacies and subtleties. For this reason, only native speakers are able to create texts of high quality that are easy to read. When you want your marketing brochure translated and localised for a specific country, your customers should not “feel” that your document has been translated.

Trusting The Language Room with your project ensures that your message is being conveyed in a natural and smooth way, using the full potential of the target language.


The Language Room uses cutting-edge technology to ensure terminology consistency. However, Computer-Assisted Translation tools are only an aid to translators and no automated process can ensure accurate translation of your document.

For that reason, we never use machine translation and only trust humans to carry out all the steps of a translation project.

  • All our translations are completed by a native, qualified and human translator
  • Because our translators are not machines, our translation process includes a peer-reviewing step.
    The translation is reviewed by a second native and qualified translator to ensure that the translation conveys your message accurately and faithfully, with an eye to your target audience.
    The second translator also proofreads the text to make sure that the grammar, spelling and typography rules are respected.
  • Finally, we return the translation to the original translator, who goes through the whole document and accepts or rejects the changes made by the proofreader.
    At this stage, there may be questions that are discussed between the translator and the proofreader.
    It is only once the translator has performed a final check and signed off the translation that the document is delivered to you.

Accuracy should not be a luxury in the translation industry. At the Language Room, accuracy is at the heart of our work and we believe that your document deserves to be checked by three pairs of eyes before it is delivered to you.

Quality translation service Scotland


At The Language Room, our focus is on providing a high-quality translation service in Scotland. Therefore, we work with our clients to ensure the highest standards at all times. All our work is checked thoroughly in order to produce the best quality every time we work with you.


No matter how specific your needs are or how tight your deadline is, The Language Room will not let you down.
You can trust us to be a reliable point of contact for all your requests. We provide a quality translation service Scotland

Do you need a document translated but are unsure whether our price will be right for you? We will provide you with a free and detailed quotation, with no surprise at the end. We are happy to help clarify any questions or requests you may have. Contact us today for a quality translation service Scotland.


Your dedicated Project Manager will always be available and responsive to answer any questions or concerns. What’s more, we guarantee a customer service that does not stop after delivery. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we will keep in touch until you are 100% satisfied.
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