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Frequently Asked Questions

Here in our Frequently Asked Questions section, you can find the answers to any queries you may have in relation to our business or services.

How to get in touch

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have by phone, email or through our Contact Us online form, but you may also find what you are looking for in our list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is The Language Room?

The Language Room is a translation agency based in Scotland, with clients around the world. All translations are carried out by experienced and qualified professional translators, and never using automatic translation software.

How can I count the words in my document?

If the document is in Word® format, you can use the “Word Count” function in the Tools menu – the number shown is all you need to receive an accurate quote. However, if the document is in a different format (printed, HTML, PHP, ASP, etc.), you can simply send us the document by email or fax; we will count the words for you and provide you with a quote in no time at all.

What can you translate?

We translate from practically any format and language, maintaining the exact format and layout of the original document.

Some of the formats we work with include:

Formats we regularly translate


Desktop Publishing


Word InDesign HTML and XHTML
PowerPoint Srt. PHP
Excel   Javascript
Can you translate my website?
Of course. We can work straight from the source code of your website. We can also put your website files online ready to use.
Is it possible to maintain the page layout?
Certainly –  it is part of the service. We do our best to maintain the document’s original layout and format.


How much does a translation cost?

The price depends on the number of words and on the nature of the content (whether it is legal, general medical, etc.). Just contact us to request a quote.

How can I obtain a free quote?

Easy! If you know the word count, just fill in the form below – or follow this link – and we will contact you soon.

For a full, no-obligation quote, simply email us or phone us on +44(0)1506 670009

We will get back to you straight away.

Delivery Dates and Turnaround Time

When will the translation be delivered?

Whenever you need the file; you set the deadline and we will deliver.

For files with no urgency, these are our average delivery times:

  • up to 500 words – 12 hours
  • 1,000 to 2,000 words – 36 hours
  • over 2,000 words – 2,000 words per day.

However, as stated, if you require your translated document returned quickly, do let us know so we can deliver it exactly when you need.


How can I pay?

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • BACS
  • PayPal

Should you wish to pay by credit or debit card, all you need to do is ask on of our Project Managers.

When do I need to pay?
First-time users are asked to pay before delivery of the translated document. We work on an invoice basis once the first job has been completed. When you receive your translation, you will also receive an invoice with all the information for making the payment. For other payment requirements, please see our Terms and Conditions.


What guarantees do I have regarding quality?

Here at The Language Room, we only work with professional, qualified, native-speaking translators. After a document has been through our three-step process, you can be assured of the highest quality your document deserves. We work with highly-rated professional translators throughout the world, choosing the best for each specific language pair.

What procedures do you use for confidentiality?
All our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement and all files are password protected on our system.

How do I…

How can I send you a document?

You can send the document by e-mail, as an attachment. If it is a printed document, you can send it by email, mail or courier. If it is a single document, you can upload it to our request form here.

How can I send a file that is larger than 2.5 MB?
We accept e-mail files up to 5 megabytes. Dropbox and WeTransfer are a great way to share larger files.

Customer Satisfaction

What should I do if I am not satisfied?

Your satisfaction is crucial to us. If anyone involved in any contract was to be dissatisfied with our service, we would open a Complaint file and follow our Complaints Procedure to make sure all information has been collected and that all issues are addressed immediately and in the correct manner.

We will do our very best to immediately rectify any problem. Such action may include having the file translated from scratch by a third translator and having it proofread again by a fourth translator, at no extra charge to you. Our aim is to provide you with a reliable, consistent service that meets every single one of your requirements.

As part of our Complaints Procedure, we promise to respond, assess and provide feedback to your complaint within two weeks. This includes feedback on how we have dealt with your complaint; how our system has been improved to avoid such instances happening again and the source of the original problem that resulted in the complaint.

Please bear in mind that two weeks is not always enough time to reach a resolution. You have our guarantee, however, that only when you are fully satisfied that your Complaint has been correctly dealt with, will we close your Complaint file.

Complaints are discussed at every monthly Management Review meeting at The Language Room to make sure they are being investigated and handled correctly. Any corrective action resulting from a complaint is again addressed at these meetings. Where policy changes are required within The Language Room, these are logged at Management meetings along with how they will be implemented.

Our aim is always to provide you with the highest quality services at all times.

Didn’t find what you were looking for in our list of FAQs?

This concludes our list of the most frequently asked questions we get here at The Language Room. Should you however have any other queries, please do get in touch.