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The Language Room has been delivering translation and interpretation services since 2006. Our strength is helping our clients make their message global and understand their own clients and suppliers. We guarantee top quality translation and interpretation at a market-leading price, every time, thanks to our team of qualified translators and interpreters.

We have a large client base and experience in many different fields (technical, marketing, medical, oil and gas, tourism, etc.). Here are a few of our regular clients:

Legal sector: Quality Solicitors Bradbury Roberts Raby, Brodies LLP, Stuart and Stuart LLP, Bathgate Legal Practice LLP and DMD Law LLP.

Bioscience industry and medical translations: NHS (we hold a four-year tender with Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trust), Abbott Pharmaceuticals, OdStock Medical Ltd and Research Instruments Ltd.

Engineering sectors; construction, oil and gas and new technologies: Astins, Skanska, Havelock Europa (Deanestor), Balmoral Group, Subsea 7 and Vix Technology, Corelab, Orenda Energy

Tourism and leisure industry: VisitScotland, The Scotch Whisky Experience, The Famous Grouse Experience, Timberbush Tours, Jacobite Tours, Grayline Tours, and Highland Explorer Tours.

Museums: Picasso museum, Souchez, Attichy.

Other notable clients: Harvard University, Sky, Microsoft, McDonald, Schuh, Oracle, Nairn Oatcakes, PhotoBox, Edrington Group (Famous Grouse, Highland Park, etc.), Nobu restaurant and Aegis.