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Transcription service Edinburgh Scotland

At The Language Room, we supply our transcription services to a large number of organisations around the world. Most of our transcription clients are healthcare, medical and scientific organisations that need a written version of recordings of meetings, patient clinics, interviews, research, etc. Of course, these needs can also be found in many other fields, such as legal. Contact transcription service Edinburgh Scotland for a free, no-obligation quote.

Our qualified linguists and typists have extensive experience in these highly specialised fields. They are therefore well equipped to provide an accurate rendering of even the most challenging recordings. Several hospital centres in the UK and in France already rely on us to transcribe their medical, scientific and highly specialised recordings on a weekly basis.

How transcription service Edinburgh Scotland works

Transcription services cover a variety of needs. Some recordings may need to be timecoded, while others require only a simple transcript. Some may need to be translated into any number of languages afterwards, while others may not. We will assess your needs before starting a project and you will receive the completed transcription in line with your requirements and deadlines.

When we receive your recording, we will listen to it to determine the field and topic before assigning it to the linguist who best matches your needs. They will transcribe the audio fully, respecting the exact phrasing of the original. After that, another qualified linguist, who is also a native speaker of the language in use, will listen to the audio and go through the transcript again to correct any mistakes and ensure there are no gaps. Should we have any doubts, we would ask a third linguist to check everything again.

Next steps

After that, it all depends on your specific transcription service needs. If you require a translation, we will send the final version of the transcript to a qualified translator with experience in this particular field. Our translators are always native speakers in the target language. They will translate the document accurately, respecting the intonation and register as much as the informative content. Two other qualified translators, who are also native speakers of the target language, will then check the translation. The first will make sure that the translation is exact and make any necessary improvements, while the second will check that the spelling, grammar and typography are correct.

We also offer verbatim transcription services if you require an exact written replica of the audio or video file. We remove all false starts, hesitations (“umms” & “ahhs”) and repetitions to provide the end user with a clean and fluid read while still giving the speech in full.

Our work doesn’t stop at delivery. Your committed project manager will always be available to answer any queries you may have. Our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.

Transcription service Edinburgh Scotland


How you can help us to help you:
  • Use the best sound equipment possible, as good quality audio always makes our work easier.
  • Make sure that all the participants are standing close enough to the microphone.
  • Ask the participants to speak one at a time, in a clear voice.
  • Provide us with as much background information as you have, such as the context of the meeting/interview, the subject topic and key words and the number of speakers, as well as their names and roles.
Our guarantees
  • We offer efficiency and accuracy at all times; our transcripts are 99.9% accurate and on-time, guaranteed.
  • The confidentiality of the material is a top priority.
  • We can produce high volumes of cost-effective transcripts on rapid turnarounds.
  • We have a wide range of experience in working with NHS Trusts, resulting in a secure, high-quality service.


Transcription case study:

Bordeaux Hospital

In June 2017, Bordeaux Hospital (France), contacted us to have a 44 minutes and 35 seconds recording transcribed in English and translated into French. The recording was a meeting involving 7 people from the UK, Australia and the United States as part of a medical and healthcare study.

Before starting the project, we requested that the client provide the topic, along with any other information that could be useful for the typist. We assessed the client’s needs (i.e. timecodes, verbatim, etc.) and agreed on the deadline. Careful attention to detail was required as the recording concerned a study on surgery and MDT for patients suffering from rectal cancer.

A first typist with experience in medicine created the initial draft transcription. We then passed this to a second experienced typist to ensure that everything was included and the transcription was accurate. The end result was a high-quality and accurate finished transcription of 9,986 words in total, and a perfectly readable French translation.

Contact transcription service Edinburgh Scotland for more information on how we can meet your transcription needs.

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