Top 9 Language Learning Blogs

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Are you looking to learn a new language but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re already learning another language and want to find some new resources. Either way, keep reading to discover our top 9 language learning blogs. These blogs are great for anyone interested in learning about languages and the best ways to do so.


The Polyglot Dream

Polyglot Dream is a language learning blog that provides lots of resources, articles and tips on how to learn languages written by Luca Lampariello. Luca Lampariello is a polyglot, blogger, language teacher and author. He is the co-founder of the Polyglot Dream – an online school that aims to teach you how to learn languages faster and easier than ever before.


Fluent in 3 Months 

The Fluent in 3 Months (Fi3M) blog is about learning languages. It’s run by Benny Lewis, an Irish guy who speaks over ten languages and has travelled to more than 80 countries.

Benny has lots of tips and tricks for language learners, including how to find the right method for you, where to practise your new skills when travelling abroad and how to connect with other people who share your passion for languages. He also has a great list of resources that can help you learn any language quickly – including apps, websites and books.


I Will Teach You A Language 

I Will Teach You a Language is a blog that teaches you how to learn languages. It is run by David, who lives in Spain and has been teaching English as a foreign language for over 15 years. He has taught all over Europe, but now focuses on the Madrid area. The site covers everything from grammar lessons and vocabulary lists to pronunciation tips and cultural insights into the country where your chosen language is spoken (for instance, if you’re learning Spanish then there are articles about Spain).

Top 9 Language Learning Blogs

Omniglot Blog 

Omniglot is a blog about languages. It’s one of the most popular language blogs in the world, with over 1 million visits per month. The site has been online since 2001 and offers information on more than 800 languages, from Abkhazian to Zulu.

The Omniglot Blog contains articles about language learning tips, dictionaries for several languages (including English), pronunciation guides for several different countries’ dialects of English as well as other world languages like French or German; there are also posts about grammar rules related to specific languages like Spanish or Japanese.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any given language then check out their resource section which includes links to other websites such as Wikipedia entries where they’ve written articles specifically targeted towards learners who want more information than just basic words & phrases but don’t yet have enough knowledge needed before starting formal lessons at school level – these articles tend not only cover basic information such as verb conjugations but also include cultural context too so that readers can understand why certain terms exist within their native tongue(s).


All Things Linguistic 

All Things Linguistic is a blog that covers topics such as language learning, grammar and vocabulary. The author, a linguist who speaks eight languages, also offers helpful advice on how to study languages effectively.

The site has lots of useful information on grammar and vocabulary (including lessons on how to learn specific words). It also has forums where you can ask questions as well as interesting articles written by other bloggers who have studied languages in different ways or been around the world and learned new languages along their journeys.


Speaking Fluently 

Speaking Fluently is a blog written by a native English speaker who has lived in Spain, Germany, and France. The author covers topics related to language learning such as grammar and vocabulary. The posts are written in English with occasional links to Spanish-language articles. The blog is updated regularly with new posts every week or two weeks depending on the topic covered by each article e.g., “What I Want You To Know About French Adjectives” or “What Are The Different Types Of Past Tenses In French?”.



Eurolinguiste is a blog about learning languages and travelling in Europe. The authors, Yannick and Laurence, are both polyglots who have been living in France for years. They’ve been learning French since they were kids, but they also speak multiple other languages including English, Spanish and German too!

The blog posts are very detailed with good grammar explanations to help you along the way if you’re just starting out learning French or any other language for that matter (they have posts about learning German too!). There are also lots of useful tips on how to learn foreign languages faster through effective methods like immersion or listening practice–these types of articles make it easy for beginners like me who don’t know where to start when it comes down to actually practising what we’ve learned from textbooks!


Lindsay Does Languages 

Lindsay Does Languages is a great resource for anyone interested in learning Spanish, French or Italian. She posts videos about various topics, such as how to speak the language (conversation), grammar basics, vocabulary and pronunciation. She also has a section of her website where she posts articles that include tips on how to learn languages faster through immersion or listening practice-these types of articles make it easy for beginners like me who don’t know where to start when it comes down to actually practising what we’ve learned from textbooks!


Itchy Feet

Itchy Feet is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning about culture and language. The comic is about two friends’ journey through Europe, where they meet many people from different cultures. In each episode, one friend teaches the other some of the vocabulary used in that country’s language. The comics are short and sweet and are a great way to incorporate some fun into language learning!