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For over 10 years, translation services Edinburgh Scotland has been delivering translations to Scottish businesses. At The Language Room, we are ISO9001:2018 accredited. As such, we operate a high-quality management system. Thanks to this system, we ensure your translated text is an accurate rendering of your source file. Additionally, we have experience in multiple industry sectors from science to IT.

One of our dedicated project managers will oversee your translations. As a result, your project manager is your unique contact, and it is their responsibility to look after you throughout the project. As such, they supervise your project from receipt of your original documents through to delivery of your translated, proofed and finalised documents.

We use the best available software to help us work efficiently and keep costs down. Additionally, we use a three-step process to complete your work. Firstly, all our translations are performed, checked and approved by humans. Secondly, mistakes can happen and a second, and your work is checked by a second, qualified translator. Finally, we only deliver your final work when everything has been double-checked.

As most of our business comes from returning customers, we like to think that we are doing things correctly. Because of this, you can trust us at Translation services Edinburgh Scotland.

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Translation services Edinburgh Scotland

Our translation process and quality control

To provide accuracy and precision, your translation goes through several well-documented steps. Similarly, your work is carefully overseen by your allocated project manager:

  • We analyse your document and text to make sure we gather all the information required to give you an accurate quote. There are no surprise at the end.
  • Preliminary questions sent to you requesting all the information, for example, specific vocabulary, deadline, formatting instructions and any special requirements for your particular project.
  • Secondly, we do an in-house analysis and create a checklist.
  • Then, we allocate your translation to the best matching translator. For instance, we take into account not only the language pair but also their knowledge in the specific field and expertise in your industry.
  • After that, your translation is proofread by a second fully qualified and experienced native translator. We do this to check the accuracy, spelling, punctuation, grammar and overall readability of your document.
  • At each stage, we will contact you if we need any additional information.
  • Finally, we perform an in-house check to verify that your translation is complete, the formatting is complete and that your file is ready.
  • Once signed off we will deliver your translation on time.

Our job is complete when you have acknowledged receipt and are satisfied with your final translation. If required, we will make any amendments for you.