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Medical translation services Scotland

Medical and healthcare translation is a broad field that encompasses a wide range of specialisms and documents. This can include case notes, prescription histories and surgical reports following an operation or drug safety booklets. At medical translation services Scotland, our project managers and expert linguists are here to provide you with the experience and support you require. We supply translations in 96 different languages, so we can provide medical translations in any language combination you require.

Medical translation services Scotland

Medical translations are highly specialised and require both experience and research to ensure perfect accuracy. For example, medical texts often contain a large number of acronyms that are rarely the same once translated. However, our expert linguists have considerable experience in working with medical texts.

We understand the importance of communication. For this reason, we work closely with you to also ensure you receive the exact service that you require. First of all, our dedicated team of project managers will analyse your text so as to assign it to the best translator for the job. Once the project has been assigned, your project manager will stay in touch through the entire process, should you need to contact us for any reason.

Furthermore, medical translations sometimes need to be certified for audit purposes, which is a service we can provide. We take great care to guarantee that your medical files are all certified alongside the correct supporting documents.

The Language Room has many years of proven experience working with the medical profession in both the UK and other countries. In addition, we hold a number of framework agreements with, for example, Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trusts, Coventry NHS Trust, Warwickshire NHS Trust and with the Edinburgh City Council Interpretation and Translation Services.

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