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Scientific Translation Services

Scientific translation service – Case study

Since 2012, The Language Room has translated scientific and medical texts for the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trust. Therefore, we translate all types of documentation from drug information sheets to medical reports. Consequently, we also translate text from a wide range of fields such as cardiology, antenatal, psychiatry, oncology, and more. Additionally, we translate patient information leaflets.

Also, we have translated technical documents for independent manufacturing companies. Examples include Edinburgh Instruments, OdStock Medical and Health Leads UK. Moreover, we deliver our scientific translation service in over 30 languages on time, every time.

To conclude, scientific translations demand specific vocabulary appropriate to the content. Because of this, we carefully select members of our team for these translations. For example, we select them based on their qualifications, background and experience. In short, we work with experienced translators to deliver the best result to you.


E-mail or phone scientific translation services Edinburgh to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. We will be happy to assist.
Scientific translation services Edinburgh

Scientific translation services is a very broad term to describe all disciplines – from mathematics to biology. For example, anything that relates to physics or chemistry is scientific. Additionally, any technical or medical document would fall into our scientific category. Contact scientific translation services Edinburgh for advice and guidance about your translations.

With this in mind, any text with highly specific terms that relates to an analytical, research or technical field is termed as scientific. For instance, this could be a datasheet for a piece of equipment or a scientific research paper. Because of this, scientific translations require particular expertise and experience in the domain. For this reason, all our translators stay up to date with terminology as science is constantly evolving.

To conclude, our scientific translators, in general, hold a qualification in a science-related discipline as well as one in language and translation. This extra skill level therefore guarantees you the highest level of expertise for your document translation. As a result, companies and organisations around the world have chosen us as their provider for scientific translations. Furthermore, we take pride in accommodating many different specialised fields.