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Technical translation services Scotland

We deliver technical translation services to our clients throughout Scotland, the UK and further afield. When doing so, we take great care to provide a top-quality service across all stages of the process. “Technical” is a general term that can encompass a wide range of subject areas (e.g. engineering, bioscience, chemical engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, logistics and training, etc.). Therefore, the content and nature can also vary greatly (reports, construction manuals, user manuals, etc.). Consequently, accuracy is paramount here, as these texts may have a wide-reaching impact.

For this reason, our process at The Language Room starts with having your document analysed carefully by our project managers. We use this analysis to identify the subject matter and any acronyms or highly specialised terms. Once this is complete, it then helps us to choose the expert linguist whose professional expertise is best suited to the project, thus ensuring that the content and terminology is translated precisely.

Above all, our clients rely on our expertise, which is why they trust us with their technical documents. Thanks to our attention to detail and expert team, we deliver an accurate completed translation, every time. With this is mind, contact technical translation services Scotland today for a quote and to learn how we can help with your project.

Technical translation services Scotland

Technical translation services – case study

The Language Room is the preferred language service provider for Havelock Europa, a well known construction firm in the UK. This is because they need their construction manuals in a range of languages for their various construction contracts across Europe. Therefore, the documents we translate are highly technical and contain terminology concerning machinery, electrical equipment, architecture and other specialised areas. For this reason, all texts must be carefully analysed before starting the project.

Despite the complexity of the texts, we are able to provide accurate and consistent translations by using our client-specific translation memories and termbases. However, if there any doubts or ambiguities, we always contact the company so as to obtain additional information and clarify any terminology. As a result, we are able to produce a high-quality, accurate translation every time. We are delighted to have been working with Havelock Europa for many years and are proud that they continue to choose The Language Room for their highly specialised technical translation services.

Contact us and we will send you a no-obligation quote for your technical translation services Scotland.